How to Create and Manage Ads.txt files in WordPress

Edit this file and paste it into your Google Apps for the dev.appspot.com settings page. Click “AdWords”. Verify your ad domain name (google.com, googleadsense.com, etc.) For example, in AdWords for developer settings, try adwords.phpapps4den.com. Click “Export Payments”. Click the download link at the top right.

Create a new Google AdWords program:

Enter the application name, description, and developer ID from the previous step. Name it “goto-unify-apps.publish.txt” and set the expiration date to 3 months. This will allow you to start adding ads once your app is live. Click “Apply Request” and then “Submit Payment”.

Your application will start working as soon as you pay.

Set permission to combine ads:

Be sure to read the article “Invalid ad content in Google Adsense”, or you will see your ads disappear from the app as soon as you post payment. Click “Manage Ad Security”.

Under Acceptable Ads, check “Accept all ads in your app”, and make sure you understand that ads are being replaced by notifications only. Click “Apply”. You will see notifications under “Apps” in the app settings, and ads will appear in the Ads tab. If you do not have ads, you can create them from here.


Create a new Google Apps upgrade account and select a Gmail account. Use “Google Apps for Adsense” and make sure your app is set up and ready to run. Then send the payment by your payment method (google.com, PayPal, etc.) and check your settings and status. Open the app settings and check the “My Apps” tab to find out the status of ads in your app. If your application is not available in the “Unify Ads” section, set it. Do not use AdSense to integrate your original applications. Learn more about AdSense:

Print the email

Return to the store

From store:

Google recommends using a text file to allow users to download your application. This is useful if you only use Google servers as a local database. To do this, set “credentials” to “************”. Set up a special folder for your “goto-unify-apps.publish.txt” and create a file for each application. When submitting an app update, simply modify the “publish” file to send a notification with a download app download. If you want to collect payments, just make sure your details are updated to show your app name.


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Let’s get this out of the way: AdSense is as annoying as ****. It’s very annoying in the early days when ads are moving too slowly and the app is hanging. It’s disgusting in the last days when it starts to get annoying that you have to accept ads. If your app is new and interesting (indeed, ads never appeared) you will see ads appear in 2 months. Until then, it is like walking on rough seas and a boat full of frogs. You will see ads, but action is not possible. You won’t have a problem downloading your app, but payments will require a payment plan. As soon as you realize you can spend 2 days making an ad, or two days making a payment. Later it goes on in the process because it sets a limit of 30 payments. If you try to make that 30th payment and you don’t have that much budget, you won’t make money. It’s too bad.

There are ways around this.

Install a separate app to integrate your ads into the AdWords app. Only use your app information to pay. That way, the app has a download link only.

We use several methods to get around AdSense, and that will help you too. You can learn more by assembling apps here: http://support.google.com/apps/launchers/threads.google-apps/tb.2069

The conclusion

Google offers additional Adsense functionality. It’s a great tool.

You can learn more about AdSense: http://adwords.google.com/learn-advertising/management-tips

If you want your app to appear in the “Merge Ads” section, learn about adding Adsense. The best way to do this is to send updates of your app as usual and add your apps, settings, and permission details to your AdWords account.

If you really want to get the ads out of your pocket, learn how to create a text file and use that.

Google uses advanced analytics and googles Adsense ads.txt WordPress

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