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Want to upgrade your blog or drive more traffic? You should use custom robots head tags for blogger. Because it is very important to find all the levels of all the words on a Google page. In my previous post, I discussed the blogger robots.txt file and it is another important fact of Search Engine Optimization.

Your blog contains a lot of non-Google content or level. You must not follow any links or pages. If all your pages are targeted, it will work for your SEO. Because page savings and search are not SEO, it is for students only. There are many more things you need to learn first. In this article, you will find a complete tutorial on crawling and indexing bloggers.

What are Robot Header Tags?

Header tags help hide or show important pages or posts in a search engine. Using this, you can add to Google or hide pages and SERPs. Before you start this chapter, you should know about the following tags:

1. All – If you really want to make your whole blog stand out, you should use this option. Because that allows the search engine to crawl all your blog content.

2.noindex – If you need to never point to your entire page or search, save pages, you can choose this option. Because it can help to hide your pages, posts from search results. – There are two options for efficient search engine optimization. Follow and Nofollow! Nofollow has completely hidden your links on the pages.

4. None – You can make your entire blog unavailable on Google, Bing or Yahoo. They never crawled your blog again and never gave a position.

5. noarchive – When we search on Google, we notice that there is an option called Archived under SERP. When you use this tag, the search engine does not save your site in the archive file.

6. nospippet – When readers search on Google, they see a clever description under the heading of the post. If you want to hide this meta description / caption from the SERP, you can use this tag.

7. noodp – There are many open guidelines around the internet. You can control them from your robots file.

8. notranslate – Some foreign students in their own language. If they want to read your blog, then they will have to use translation. But if you want to disable the translation option on them, you can use that tag.

9. noimageindex – Image search engine optimization is an important blogging strategy. Because image search also drives more traffic. If you mark this, then your blog photos have never been shown in a search engine.

10. Not Available_ Background – If you want to show some content for a limited time, you can use this. After expiration, your content will automatically hide from the Search Engine results page.

How to Add Custom Robots Title Tags?

If you want to make your blog available to search engines, you will need to set up tags for blogspot robots headers. You must follow these steps and complete your target.

Step 1: To start this journey, you need to go to and select your blog you need to set up this SEO strategy.

Step 2: Now go to settings >> Search preferences >> Custom robotic head tags >> Now click on Edit.

Step 3: Now you will see the Yes or No option. Click the Yes option and there will be more options. Just mark these options like the following image:

Step 4: After checking these options, just click Save changes and you’re done!

Lastly I want to say that, make sure your blog has enough content. Because quality content is manageable and without this feature, you can rate it. Just write quality articles first and submit your blog for reference. But before launching your website, you should complete these header tags for bloggers. Congratulations!

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